For centuries, yoga has been a practice that has allowed adults to experience a wide range of positive benefits from physical strength and toning to reduced anxiety and stress. This has been particularly important in relation to the demands and pressures that adults may be experiencing. Given the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, these benefits are now being recognised as applicable to children of all ages for similar reasons as adults. In our busy world, children may feel a wide range of pressures that could be related to school stress and anxiety, competitive sport expectations, low self-esteem and confidence issues, electronic devices usage, social media stress and feelings of inadequacy.

There are so many benefits of yoga for children. Our ‘Inner Bliss Kids Yoga’ classes promote:

1. Healthy bodies –

• physical strength, flexibility and balance
• lengthening of growing muscles and stabilising of joints
• the development of strong, flexible backs
• spinal alignment and good posture
• energy and stamina
• breathing
• body awareness

2. Healthy minds –

• confidence and positive self-esteem
• concentration, focus and attentiveness
• clarity of the mind for decision making processes
• relaxation and self-control strategies
• anxiety and stress relief
• calming of the nervous system

3. Healthy spirits –

• creativity, expression and imagination
• kindness of themselves and others
• respect for oneself and others
• love for oneself – inside and out
• inner strength awareness
• resilience
• positive self-talk
• an appreciation of their own uniqueness, and
• healthy and active lifestyles.