‘Vanessa I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work with Bella during this workshop (‘Believe in Yourself’)! It certainly has made Bella a lot more confident in herself. I’m very proud of her & extremely grateful for your teaching! You truly are amazing.’ – Tahnee NSW – 18.9.19

‘Wow, Vanessa, we just had to say a massive ‘thank you’ for your help with our treasure. He is loving the classes’. – Simone, Flinders NSW – 27.8.19

‘Happy, happy, happy. Thank you for everything. We are so happy that our daughter is in your yoga class.’ – Jo, Farmborough Heights NSW – 15.8.19

‘Hi Vanessa. I just had to let you know that the belly breathing technique is having such an impact here at our house, not just for Tayla, but for us too! Thank you.’ –  Trent and Bethany, Oak Flats NSW – 14.6.19

‘Thank you Vanessa for taking Taj under your wings. It is really exciting to see him becoming more confident. Thank you.’ – Melissa, Yallah NSW – 11.5.19

‘Thank you for inspiring Holly, it is such a joyous sight seeing her come out of class so happy!’ – Anne NSW – 21.3.19

‘Thank you for continuing to be such a positive influence in Bella’s life. She is really loving her weekly Yoga classes. Today she actually ran to the studio without me (with my permission), which was so wonderful to see her leave my side so easily!’ – Michelle NSW – 5.3.19

‘Inner Bliss Kids Yoga you rock! Thank you. We love your classes’. – Sam, Shellharbour NSW – 28.2.19

‘Thank you Vanessa. Chelsie is astounding us with her excitement and enthusiasm for her yoga lessons. We can’t get there quick enough! – Belinda, Albion Park Rail NSW – 27.2.19

‘Hi Vanessa, John and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for your patience, kindness and thoughtfulness. Our daughter is thoroughly loving her lessons and is feeling so much better in herself because of them. Thank you very much! – Jen, Oak Flats NSW – 21.2.19

‘I asked the kids ‘what was your favourite thing this morning?’ Their response: ‘everything!’ Thanks for giving them such a great morning.’ (School Holiday Yoga and Creative Arts Workshop – Mindfulness Jar Making) – Annette, Dapto NSW – 11.10.18

Ours (bath bombs) drift right through the house at bath time. Evie absolutely loved her workshop with you Vanessa. I love that she has such a wonderful, kind, nurturing and calming experience every time she attends one of your classes. Enrolling with you has been one of the best things we have done for her. Thank you .’ (School Holiday Yoga and Creative Arts Workshop – Bath Bomb Making) – Katie, Dapto NSW- 10.10.18

‘Thanks for the workshop today, I have one very happy girl who hasn’t stopped talking about how much she enjoyed it .’ (School Holiday Yoga and Creative Arts Workshop – Bath Bomb Making) – Natalie, Dapto NSW – 10.10.18

‘Thank you so much Vanessa! Leilani had an absolute blast. She wants to come to every session!’ (School Holiday Yoga and Creative Arts Workshop – Bath Bomb Making) – Crystal, Lake Illawarra NSW – 3.10.18

‘It is a great set up Vanessa! Tanisha loved doing yoga with you today. Well done… you should be proud of yourself.’ (School Holiday Yoga and Creative Arts Workshop – Bath Bomb Making) – Terrie, Dapto NSW – 3.10.18

‘Thank you for today. Connor is loving his blue bath tonight.’ (School Holiday Yoga and Creative Arts Workshop – Bath Bomb Making) – Terrie, Lake Illawarra NSW – 3.10.18

All three kids love going to yoga, all three got something different out of it. Mr 4 loves to show his friends the poses, while Mum found Mr 6 a lot calmer and easier to parent and Miss 8 enjoyed the social aspect of making new friends. I like that Vanessa is also a school teacher and is exceptional in dealing with all types of kids and their needs.’ – Kelsie, Albion Park NSW – 19.9.18

‘You have certainly made an impact in his life, he loves going and it really does help him.’ – Jessica, Albion Park Rail NSW – 18.9.18

‘Connor loved to do the different poses. His favourite pose was the butterfly. I like Connor doing yoga as it was giving him some relaxation ideas, builds his confidence and he was concentrating a lot more. He loved learning to do many different poses. You made it fun for Connor with using different animal poses. Thanks.‘ – Terrie, Lake Illawarra NSW – 16.9.18

‘My sons favourite day of the week is his Yoga class with Inner Bliss. He loves everything about it from the games, the craft activities, the exercises, the friends he makes and of course his wonderful teacher Miss Vanessa. I highly recommend Inner Bliss, always friendly, professional and affordable!” – Allyson, Penrose NSW – 11.9.18

‘Amazing, loving and super dedicated teacher, her kindness knows no end. An absolute pleasure for my boys to be under her teaching, care and positive guidance.’ – Kylie, Kanahooka NSW -12.8.18

I can not recommend Inner Bliss Kids Yoga more highly enough. My daughter has become so much calmer at home and her teacher has noticed some big changes with her at school too. Thank you so much.” – Mother: 12th April 2018.

“Hi Vanessa, I just wanted to share something that happened here today. I was getting (just a little) frustrated in the car today and I thought I whispered it under my breath. Suddenly I heard a little voice say, ‘It’s ok mum, just breath in and breath out, in and out.’ Thank you for teaching our whole family!”– Mother: 5th April, 2018

‘My favourite part of yoga is when we do relaxation time. Sometimes I fall asleep.’– Child (7 years old): 20th March, 2018.

‘Thank you Vanessa for teaching me yoga. My heart feels happy at yoga.’ – Child (6 years old): 18th May, 2018.

‘Thank you so much Vanessa for taking so much time and effort with my children. It is so appreciated.’ – Mother: 23rd May, 2018.

‘Thank you for today. My girl is so happy she went to yoga today. She has been showing us some moves as well.’- Mother: 7th June, 2018.