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Do you love yoga and love the how it supports your body, mind and spirit?  Do you want your child to experience the same benefits but your busy daily family life makes it hard to commit to an 8-week term?

This is not a problem. Why not book in for a casual class visit that fits in with your active and busy family instead? We have a range of class options available to cater for various families and their needs, so if time is limited, try a casual class instead.

Please note  that children who are booked in for a full 8-week term have the highest priority and a guaranteed placement in our classes. Therefore, families with casual passes will still need to confirm the days and classes of choice on the day to ensure availability.

Please note for families that are looking for more sustained increases in overall health and well-being for their children over a longer period of time, please see our 8-week term options.

To book a space for your child, please ‘add to cart’ and proceed to ‘checkout’. Once your booking has been made, you will a receive a confirmation letter where you verify your day and class of choice and other important details.


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