-What are your qualifications?
Along with her formal yoga teaching qualifications, the Inner Bliss Kids Yoga Teacher and Owner, Vanessa holds two University Degrees in Education as well as an Associate Diploma of Social Science (Child Studies). Her 21 years’ experience as a Primary School Teacher has seen her work closely with children of all ages, with a particular specialisation in the area of learning support and intervention. For a full list of qualifications please visit our website page .

-Where are the lessons held?

Our lessons are held in our brand new private yoga, meditation and wellbeing studio in Dapto.

-Are you a registered Active Kids Voucher provider?
Yes, we are a registered ‘Active Kids’ Voucher provider. The ‘Active Kids’ programme supports families with registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities for children.

From 31 January 2018, parents, guardians and carers have been able to apply for a voucher valued up to $100 per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

To redeem this voucher, parents and carers are to provide the voucher number, the child’s full name (as listed on the voucher) and the child’s date of birth.

-Do you offer School Holiday Workshop Programmes and Special Event Workshops?
Yes, we do offer School Holiday Workshop Programmes and Special Event Workshops. For details on upcoming events please visit our website at

-How can I keep informed on your latest news and events?
To keep informed on all our latest news and events you can visit us here at our website  or at our Facebook page or sign up for a newsletter on the tab on our home page. As we value your security and privacy, please note that our newsletter sign up on our home page has a double opt-in feature.

-What do ‘Inner Bliss Kids Yoga’ lessons include?
Our Inner Bliss Kids Yoga lessons are action packed and include a range of breathing exercises, yoga poses, co-operative games, art and craft, music, storytelling, guided relaxation and mindfulness activities. Each term, we also include a specialised and targeted art and craft session in our series which allows children to practice skills they have learnt in our classes when at home with their families.

-Does my child need to have done yoga before?
Absolutely not. Children do not need to have done yoga before in order to get great benefits from our classes. Our non-competitive and supportive classes are adapted to accommodate for all children and their individual abilities and needs.

-Will my child receive specialised instruction and direction?
Class participant numbers are strictly limited, as it is extremely important to us that each child receives individualised attention and assistance in our classes. This also helps all students to gain the most out of each lesson.

-My child can become easily stressed and anxious, so will this be an issue?
Absolutely not. Vanessa is an experienced teacher and educator who has worked alongside children with many different strengths and needs. Furthermore, it is very important to recognise that regular yoga is ideal for children who may experience stress and anxiety as it helps children to relax and calm their busy minds.

-How long does each class go for?
For both our 5-8 year old and 9-12 year old classes, each lesson is 45 minutes in duration.

-How long is your lesson series?
Our lesson series classes run in 8-week school term blocks in order for children to learn strategies that they can practice, build on and remember over time. Generally, our lessons begin on the second week and end in week nine of the NSW school term, as we know how that it can take a little while ‘to get back into a routine’ when children are returning to school and how exhausted and tired children (and parents) can be towards the end of the term.

-What does my child need to bring?
Children should bring along a yoga mat or towel, water bottle and a small exercise cloth if possible.

-What does my child need to wear?
No special yoga clothing is needed for our lessons. Instead, children should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in e.g. leggings, shorts and t-shirts.

-Can I ‘drop off and go’?
On the first visit, your child may certainly feel more comfortable with you nearby, so please feel free to join in on our lesson. However, after this time, often it is best to ‘drop off and go’ as it allows a greater opportunity for children to participate in the lesson and begin to make friends with the other children in the class.


-Can my child come and try a class before we commit to a full term?
Absolutely, we do offer a ‘try a class for free’ special. Children who are new to our classes are more than welcome to come and try a lesson for free to see if they like the class structure and activities. After this ‘try a class for free’, children can enrol at any time during the term as long as there are still places available. Fees would be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the term.

-How do I book my child in?
Pre-booking for an 8-week term is highly recommended as it secures your recurring booking space and confirms numbers for each class. To complete the Inner Bliss Kids Yoga booking process, parents and carers need to fill in our class booking form which will be given upon enquiry or arrival at the classes.

-Is it best to pay-by-the-term?
We have three payment options available for our students in their various classes, with the optimal and most cost effective being the pay-by-the-term option. For more details on scheduled fees, please visit our class information .

-Your fees seem so much cheaper than some other studios. Is my child missing out on a full lesson?
With an understanding that the term ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite’ and refers to the fusion of the body, mind and spirit through meditation, breathing and physical postures, we are of the strong belief that all children should have an opportunity to benefit from yoga, regardless of their family financial circumstances. It is for this reason, that we have consciously endeavoured to keep our scheduled fees as affordable and achievable for as many families as possible. As professional teachers and educators, we have also ensured that our extensive and varied lessons are of the highest quality and our service is in no way compromised, so that all children can experience a full lesson.

-How do I make my payment?
Full term payments are due by the end of the first week of the lesson series 8-week block which also secures placement in the class. Class fee payments can be paid in person, by direct deposit into our bank account or via our website for easy access.

-What happens if my child misses a class?
For students who have paid for the term in full, up to two ‘make up’ classes are available at the earliest convenience. Alternatively, if students are unable to attend a class, families are welcome to ‘gift’ their scheduled class to a friend.

-Are casual classes available?
Absolutely, children are welcome to attend a casual class, although please understand that this is dependent upon the class numbers on the day. To reserve a one-off spot for any of our classes, parents and carers will need to enquire for class availability on the days of attending.